Rockery plants mixed

Rockery perennials in ⌀10.5 cm terracotta-coloured plastic pots. It is a selection of different varieties of Sedums and Sempervivums and other low- or medium-growth perennials. The composition of plants may vary, always selected from marketable and appealing varieties of the season.
10.5 cm, round, terracotta-coloured plastic pots
Space requirement:
20 pcs / 40 x 60 plastic nursery crate, 60 pcs / cc shelf 1 cc trolley can carry 540 pcs on 9 shelves
Plants in ⌀10.5 cm pots may be accompanied with coloured plant markers for an additional cost (€ 0,12), 15-piece package carrying trays are also available as an extra (€ 0,40).