About us

Our company is specialized mainly in growing and selling rockery garden plants. Our perennial garden and nursery – founded in 1997 in Jánossomorja, North-Western Hungary – has now been operating on three hectares. We offer our plants to wholesales, nursery garden centres and landscaping companies. We are not a retailer; we do not ship mail order plants.
The majority of our potted perennials are typically low or medium high-growth and drought-tolerant plants. The popularity of Sempervivums is still undiminished thanks to their wide range of uses and easy-to- keep nature. We carefully select the most appealing varieties for cultivation and sale from more than a hundred different varieties of our Sempervivum collection. We also offer several types of Sedums mostly for extensive green roof garden use.
Krisztián Neuberger – Manager           Viktória Jánó – Farm Leader