Tray of 8 Sedums and/or Sempervivums with decorative stripes

A pack of 8 different varieties of Sedums and Sempervivums (separable). Delivered in promotional packaging with attractive, weatherproof decorative stripes running around the sides of the tray displaying pictograms and bar codes. It is a mixed selection of sedum and Sempervivum varieties. The composition of plants may vary.
a tray of 40×28 cm containing 8 plants in ⌀10.5 cm, round, terracotta-coloured plastic pots.
Space requirement:
1 pc / 40 x 60 plastic nursery crate, 6 pcs / 1 cc shelf. 1 cc trolley have max. 9 shelves, and can carry 54 trays – depending on the heights of the plants.
€ 5,70